About Genevieve 


I love....

Running. My entire life changed when I discovered running. I ran on and off in high-school, but didn't get serious about running until I started my health and wellness journey. Running is my all-natural anxiety reducer, my me-time, and my happy place. I always get my best, most creative ideas when I'm running on the trails with my running partner in crime, Roxy (my Border Collie.) 

Binge Watching Gilmore Girls. 

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee! Specifically Bulletproof Coffee. I add fresh turmeric and fresh ginger. Life changing! You'll never drink your old coffee again. 

My dogs. 

Plant Lady for life. I have quite the plant collection. Seriously, if you came over to my house you would think you landed in an urban jungle. :)

I'm all about what you give you get. The Universe always has your back. 

I adore cooking. Give me some fresh fruits and veggies, some free-range meat, and I'll make you the meal of your dreams! Yes, I'm the foodie who takes pictures of her food at restaraunts before she consumes her meal. It drive's my husband crazy. 

I'm also a hit with Gluten-free desserts too. 

I drink all the water. I'm not joking, I'm basically a camel who always has water with her. Water, water, and, more water. Did you know that not being properly hydrated can make you anxious. Drink more water! 

I adore essential oils, my house always smells like lavender and eucalyptus. 

Speaking of eucalyptus...Trader Joe's and I are BFF's. I know the cashiers by name at my local TJ's and we follow each other on IG because we are cool like that. 

I adore nature and prefer the outdoor's to the inside any day. The forest, the beach, trails, rain, or shine, I'm a totally outdoorsy chic. 

I'm sort of good at rock climbing, decent at Kayaking, and love running. Being active keeps me happy and I'm thankful being a wedding photographer always keeps me on my toes. 

Feel free to drop me a note, and let's grab a cup of coffee, I can't wait to hear more about you and your special day!