Photo of the Day: September 6, 2013

I'm leaving very very early later today, so I'm posting the photo of the day now.

Lady G's Photo of the day: 
"Start Trails a Blazin"

This was a very hard shot to get with many things standing in the way of it, like animals, creepy noises, cars, humans (at-least I hope they were humans), and a very impatient person with me who did not want to be there, so I did the best I could with the little time that I had. Keep in mind folks, most Astrophotographers stay out and literally camp each night before they get a shot they truly love. I'm really proud of this one, as its a huge step up from my last star trails shot, and even more proud that no editing was done to this photo except a crop. I will keep at this until I get it to my standards. I'm not quite there yet. 

Have a great Friday everyone!! 

 © Genevieve Jerome Photography 2013

 © Genevieve Jerome Photography 2013

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