Photo of the Day: September 21, 2013

Lady G's Photo of the Day: 

"Dead Sunflowers" 

Oh how it is ever my dream to photograph sunflowers each and every single day. I adore sunflowers, almost as much as I adore coffee and the moon. Seriously, all I ever want is sunflowers. I took an impromptu trip to Davis the other day, and photographed all of the dead sunflower fields I could find. Dead sunflowers are especially awesome when photographed properly. Oh how I wish I had the funds to invest in a Macro Lens and bunches and bunches and bunches of sunflowers! Ok, sorry for my spiel about sunflowers, but they truly are an awe inspiring flower. 

Happy Saturday folks! I'm off to get a hardcore workout in before I go hiking in the rain with my two best friends

 © Genevieve Jerome Photography 2013

 © Genevieve Jerome Photography 2013

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