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Hey there Beautiful. 

My name is Genevieve Jerome. Yes, my name is French, but I'm Italian. Kind of neat isn't it? I'm an award-winning photographer based out of Northern California.

The relationship between a photographer and their client is truly a beautiful one. I take photos of you and your loved ones that hopefully you'll love and adore, and you share those photos with your friends and family that hopefully they'll love and adore. See? Isn't it such a beautiful thing? 

My love and passion for Photography started at a very young age when I got my tiny little hands on my Grandfathers camera. Once I realized that the camera could capture moments and make those moments permanent, I fell in love with photography.

When I'm not shooting weddings or portraits, you can usually find me drinking coffee, binge watching Gilmore Girls, listening to Jazz, obsessing over design ideas on Pinterest, hiking with my dogs, building new backdrops for food photo shoots, and taking day-cations with my amazing husband. 

A fun fact about me:  I was recently featured in FITNESS Magazine because I lost 155-pounds and went from a size 22 to a size 6. I lift weights, eat clean, and leading a healthy lifestyle is a huge part of who I am.